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At Dazzle Karaoke we offer high quality, studio recorded tracks in Hindi karaoke from Bollywood films, Ghazals and more. These tracks are NOT made with MIDI device, thus, giving you rich professional quality sound. We believe that singing songs you love should also have high quality sound for better enjoyment of listeners and singers. Moreover, when playing our DVDs with VOC tracks, lead vocals (called Vocal on Command - VOC)can be switched on and off with DVD player remote control. Our perfectly synchronized lyrics allows the singer to learn the song with lead vocal assistance and then switch them off so you can become the lead singer!!!. Why buy just Audio karaoke tracks when, for less price, you can get high quality Video Karaoke tracks.

Plug-N-Sing Dual Microphone Karaoke System
Only $59.99 (Free shipping in US only)