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Ai Mere Dil-E-Naadaan$1.19$1.59$1.59
Ajiib Daastaan Hai Ye$1.19$1.59$1.59
Baar Baar Dekho$1.19$1.59$1.59
Badan Pe Sitaare Lapete Hue$1.19$1.59$1.59

Texte alternatif

Beqaraar Karke Hame $1.19N/AN/A
Bhiige Honth Tere$1.19$1.59$1.59
Chaand Meraa Dil$1.19$1.59$1.59
Chalaa Jaataa Huun$1.19$1.59$1.59
Chaudahaviin Kaa Chaand Ho$1.19$1.59$1.59
Chhuu Kar Mere Man Ko$1.19$1.59$1.59
/ 7

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